Nobbits featured on The Capital City Hues

Nobbits featured on The Capital City Hues

Nobbits Produces Shoelaces that Refuse to Come Undone: The Trend Setting-and Prectical-Shoelace

"There are times when a dream deferred — temporarily — ends up being the best path forward."

Ron Brent a publisher who had once been a practicing engineer has been supervised by Tom Koblintz. Together, they developed a shoelace called Nobbits that fused minute hardened nodes into shoelaces that prevented the shoelaces from coming untied. While Koblintz at first wanted to create something for his grandson, it soon became apparent to Koblintz and Brent that there was a large market for. The only problem was the technology didn’t exist to produce them commercially.

Fast forward 20 years and Brent took on partners Amos Anderson, Dr. Jerlando Jackson and Justin Hajny who solved the production problems and formed the company Nobbits, Inc. that will produce them for an international market.

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