Nobbits, USA Inks First Professional League Agreement with Height Athletics Association

Nobbits, USA Inks First Professional League Agreement with Height Athletics Association
July 17, 2020

Height Athletics Association (HAA), whose core principles are “Christian, Community, and Culture” is adding “Safety and Security” to their brand. HAA is teaming up with Nobbits USA, LLC to invest in the increased performance and enhanced safety of their professional athletes. 

Height Athletics is committed to develop each player as a brand identity, maximizing their potential through social media, community outreach, public relations, and strategic marketing strategies. HAA plans to outfit all the teams in their professional leagues - Height International Basketball Association and Woman Height International Basketball Association with Nobbits laces. In addition to their professional teams, HAA will outfit participants in their Youth Programs with Nobbits laces as well. 

Bishop David Stewart, Jr., CEO of HAA, shared that this “landmark deal is driven by his belief that Nobbits laces will help to address the perennial challenge with lower-extremity injuries. I am really impressed by the performance of Nobbits’ RDR locking system which allows you to customize the shoelace tension at every eyelet set.” Amos Anderson, CEO of Nobbits adds “different parts of the feet react best to different tensions, and now everyone can perform at their optimum level by having shoes precisely laced to their own unique preferences.” 

Nobbits USA, LLC is a paramedical company committed to providing preventative solutions for common everyday injuries, including lower extremity, back, and shoulder. All their products are made from 100% high quality materials in their manufacturing facility in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit to secure your own Nobbits laces. 



Media Dr. Jerlando F L Jackson

Investors Justin Hajny


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